Our Vision: The Doctor of the Future is Oneself

Who are We?

Precision Healthcare Ecosystem (PHE) is a CA 501c3 nonprofit corporation, created with the vision that “The Doctor of the future will be oneself.”  Its inaugural program – Project Apollo –utilizes a multi-disciplinary, collaborative, community-based and integrative care model to educate and empower participants to lead a personalized health journey.

Our Vision & Mission

The Patient Pioneers™ of our founding cohort are guided by their own quantified data and committed to:
Our Vision – a world of people empowered to realize optimal health.
Our Mission – to make healthcare more collaborative by amplifying patient and community voices through data-informed processes. Learn more…

Who we serve – does this sound like you?

Are you struggling with complex, chronic, undiagnosed, or hard-to-treat conditions? Are you seeking improved health and wellness?  Are you frustrated by our current “sick care” system?  Do you need a better way to track and communicate your health experience?  If so – please join us!
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Learn to advocate for care that reflects your lived experience of your health!

Our Leadership & Founding Patients

Our Founding Team is made up of patients and caregivers with a wide range of medical, business, professional, athletic, and life skills. We have struggled to find our own advocacy and empowerment, and now want to help others to find their power and their voices.
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Project Apollo Toolkit – coming soon!

Online learning – find accurate, credible, useful health information online.
Timelining tools – capture, visualize, and communicate your health journey and self-study.
Lessons Learned from Empowered Patients – tips to help you find your voice.
A community of like-minded wellness seekers – to support your journey.
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Resources & Collaborators

Empowered patients need accurate and timely information on a variety of health-related topics. Our team curates relevant, science-based resource information. We can also connect you with our trusted collaborators who offer valuable programs and services.
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Project Apollo Patient Pioneers™

Articles of Interest

Activities associated with PHE and Project Apollo do not constitute medical or clinical care and are not intended to replace any medical care or treatment you are currently undergoing, including any treatment(s) that have been recommended by medical professionals. Rather, we recommend that you include your current medical providers in your Project Apollo activities, by informing them about your processes, inviting them to engage with your self-study, and continuing to seek their professional support for your health concerns.