About Us

The Doctor of the future will be oneself ~ Albert Schweitzer

Precision Healthcare Ecosystem (PHE) and Project Apollo

The Project Apollo Patient Pioneers™ founding cohort includes an extraordinary group of professionals who are also patients with complex, chronic, undiagnosed, or other challenging medical conditions.  PHE was launched by scientists – including Ph.D. biochemists and MD PhDs – integrative medicine practitioners, medical students, healthcare researchers, accomplished business professionals, educators, media specialists, documentarians, engineers, professional athletes, and wellness coaches with a common commitment – to leverage their collective experiences of gaining empowerment to help other patients gain control over their healthcare journey and well-being.

Our Mission: To transform healthcare by amplifying patient and community voices through data-informed processes toward a collaborative care model.

Our Vision:  A world of people empowered to realize optimal health.

Who We Serve – does this sound like you?

  • People with complex, chronic, undiagnosed or hard-to-treat conditions seeking improved health and wellness and willing to invest the time, thought and effort into improving their care and quality of life.
  • People experiencing the pain and frustration of challenging healthcare journeys who want to learn from those who have found empowerment and self-advocacy.
  • People who are disillusioned or disappointed by their experience of our current “sick care” system, and willing to explore more integrative, functional or alternative approaches to their care and treatment.
  • People who need a better way to track, visualize and communicate their symptoms and overall experience of their disease with their healthcare providers, and form more collaborative doctor-patient relationships.
  • People seeking continuous learning and intellectually curious about health discoveries and new approaches to healthier lifestyles.
  • People willing to pioneer new approaches to self-study and craving the support of and connection with a like-minded, nurturing community.

Please read our Briefing Paper for additional information:

Access to Empowered Patients

Using Self-Study and Peer-to-Peer Support to Change “Sick” Care to “Health” Care

By Camille Nebeker, Bethany Weisberg, Eric Hekler, and Michael Kurisu

Early on in the development of Project Apollo, we had the opportunity to support an ethnographic study about the genesis of and rationale for our project. Published by Frontiers in Digital Health / Connected Health: Using Self-Study and Peer-to-Peer Support to Change “Sick” Care to “Health” Care: The Patient Perspective

Future Patient Future Doctor

The catalyst for Project Apollo – Larry Smarr, Ph.D., and Michael Kurisu, DO discuss putting more “health” into healthcare.  They demonstrate a patient-centric, whole-person, “dynamic systems”  approach to wellness and the value of including patient-generated data in a doctor-patient dialogue

Our Inspiration

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas A. Edison

Meet Our Leadership Team

The founders of Precision Healthcare Ecosystem are launching Project Apollo – the Study of Me™ – because we’ve experienced the frustrations of having complex, chronic, undiagnosed or hard-to-treat conditions.  Some of us are also caregivers, supporting loved ones on their healthcare journeys.  We have struggled to find our own advocacy and empowerment, and now want to help others to find their power and their voices.  We are unique in our approach, developing a boutique suite of tools to help patients explore personalized self-study and incorporate their lived experience into their communications with healthcare providers.

We formed as a collaboration between patients, clinicians and researchers to empower a new paradigm of healthcare.