Briefing Paper

Project Apollo

Precision Healthcare Ecosystem (PHE) is a CA 501c3 nonprofit corporation, created with the vision that “The Doctor of the future will be oneself.”  Its inaugural program, Project Apollo, utilizes a multi-disciplinary, collaborative and integrative care model to educate, enable and empower participants to lead a personalized health journey.  Members of our founding cohort are guided by their own “real-world” evidence and data to achieve a bold Vision and Mission:

Vision – a world of people empowered to realize optimal health.

Mission –to transform healthcare by amplifying patient and community voices through data-informed processes toward a collaborative care model.

Purpose– to help people feel seen, heard, and respected so they feel empowered to take ownership of their health.

Who We Are

The Project Apollo founding cohort includes an extraordinary group of professionals who are also patients with complex, chronic, undiagnosed or other challenging medical conditions.  PHE was launched by scientists – including PhD biochemists and MD PhDs – integrative medicine practitioners, medical students, healthcare researchers, accomplished business professionals, educators, media specialists, documentarians, engineers, professional athletes and wellness coaches with a common commitment – to leverage their collective experiences of gaining empowerment to help other patients gain control over their healthcare journey and well-being and become their own best advocate.

What We Offer – Coming Soon

To Patients: Patients are exhausted by their search for solutions, for treatments that actually work, and by the need to advocate for themselves in order to receive more effective care.  Through the Study of Me™,  Project Apollo utilizes a whole health history model, grounded in a nurturing community, and provides educational tools and vetted self-study protocols that patients can adapt to their unique health challenges.  With these tools, participants can collect, observe and visualize their own data, and learn to advocate for care that reflects their lived experiences.  These tools enable patients to bring actionable information to their providers for more collaborative care.

To Physicians: Project Apollo offers an opportunity for physicians and other integrative care providers to work collaboratively with engaged, informed patients who are willing to invest time and effort into their care, thus enabling expanded levels of personalized care and potentially improved outcomes.  Your patients may benefit by gaining access to Project Apollo programs and services, for mutually beneficial relationships.

To Researchers: Project Apollo participants are data-aware, and have an appreciation for the discipline and rigor needed to be valuable research partners.  Our self-study approaches enable us to contribute to more patent-centric study designs, and provide patient perspectives on the potential impact of your work.  Our cohort members are available to offer User Experience support in product development, clinical trial design or other patient point-of-view engagements.

To Corporate partners: PHE is actively pursuing opportunities to engage directly with innovative healthcare and related companies seeking to increase their patient engagement by offering access to educated, informed, disciplined and empowered patients.

A group of between ten to twenty patients within the founding Project Apollo cohort has expressed a willingness to participate on an as-needed basis with the following types of projects, subject to their availability and health status, and based on the timing of each project element:

  • User Experience Testing Group: Supporting structured programs to be collaboratively developed to test new devices or new device applications.
  • Patient Engagement/Satisfaction Survey for Clinical Trials: Supporting the initial design and development of surveys, and ongoing iterations based upon survey results.
  • Clinical Trial Return of Results: Representing the patients’ perspective relative to incorporating regulatory guidance in the return of clinical trial results to patients.
  • Patient “Point of View” Advisory: Serving in the capacity of an ad hoc advisory group, to be available for small and quick feedback on any and all questions as they might arise.

  • For further information, please contact:
    Tyler Orion or
    Mike Kurisu, DO