Good News: How to Save the Ocean

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Real progress is being made to change the plastic disaster in our oceans into hope. This post was inspired by the work of photographer Suda House and her Saving Grace series of images. Also don’t miss her latest exhibition at the San Diego Museum of Art: The Water Holds Me

Here is a selection of articles that will give you hope and the courage to become part of the change.

New Research! Analysis Shows We’ve Been Overestimating the Amount of Plastic in Oceans by 30x

Ocean Cleanup Hits Milestone of 220 Tons Removed From Pacific Garbage Patch (Watch)

Scientists Create ‘Super Enzyme’ That Eats Plastic Bottles Six Times Faster than Previous Enzymes

Hawaii Group Sets Record For Largest Haul of Plastic Removed From The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

12 Countries Have Built Roads Out of Plastic – And They Can Perform As Well or Better Than Asphalt

‘The Manta’ Sailing Vessel is Designed to Feed on Plastic Waste for Power – While Cleaning Oceans

60+ Major Companies Sign ‘Radical’ Deal to Dramatically Reduce Plastic Waste in Just 4 Years

Gigantic 438-Year-old Coral Discovered in the Great Barrier Reef in ‘Excellent Condition

Youth is Fighting Microplastic Pollution with Magnetic Liquid After Winning Google Science Fair

20,000 Pounds of Trash Removed From Pacific Garbage Patch: ‘Holy mother of god. It worked!’

New Company Turns 100 Tons of Non-Recyclable Plastic Into Building Blocks For Construction

New Plant-Derived Sustainable ‘Plastic’ is Tough as Bone and Hard as Aluminum

New Enzyme Discovery is Another Leap Towards Dissolving Plastic Waste With ‘Amazing Efficiency’

Leader Named ‘Roosevelt’ Leads Caribbean Nation in Banning Plastics and Styrofoam

Construction Begins On First-Ever Commercial Plastics-to-Fuel Factory in the US

Students Design Beach Vacuum That Can Suck Up Microplastics While Leaving All the Sand

Teen Awarded $50,000 Science Fair Prize for His Method of Removing Microplastics From Water

College Students Invent Device That Curbs Microplastics Emitted From Tires–And They Won a Dyson Award

Sir David Attenborough Backs This New Tech That Can Recycle All Plastics

New Solution to Ridding Oceans of Microplastics Uses Acoustic Waves


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The Tenacity of Hope


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