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Pattern Computer – Latest News Mark AndersonFounder and CEO, Strategic News Service; and CEO, SNS Conference Corp, Pattern Computer Ben BrownDepartment Head, Molecular … Read more

Using Self-Study options

Using Self-Study and Peer-to-Peer Support to Change “Sick” Care to “Health” Care: The Patient Perspective

Authors: Camille Nebeker, Bethany Weisberg, Eric Hekler, and Michael Kurisu Frontiers Digital Health, 04 June 2020 | Early on in the development of Project … Read more

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Precision Healthcare Ecosystem (PHE) is a CA 501c3 nonprofit corporation, created with the vision that "The Doctor of the Future is One's Self.” Its inaugural program, Project Apollo, utilizes a multidisciplinary, collaborative and integrative care model to educate, enable and empower participants to lead a personalized health journey.

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