Project Apollo

The founders of Precision Healthcare Ecosystem launched Project Apollo – the Study of Me™ – because we experienced the frustrations of having complex, chronic, undiagnosed, or hard-to-treat conditions.  Some of us are also caregivers, supporting loved ones on their healthcare journeys.  We have struggled to find our own advocacy and empowerment, and now want to help others to find their power and their voices. 

We are unique in our approach, developing a boutique suite of tools to help patients explore personalized self-study and incorporate their lived experience into their communications with healthcare providers.

Our Study of Me™ Tool Kit – Offers:

  • Online learning, to support enhanced digital literacy, so you can more accurately search for credible, useful online information in support of your self-study and physician collaborations.
  • Software tools to support the development of a timeline, to better capture and visualize your life/health/symptoms or other critical health data, including information from wearable devices.  Visualizations can be revealing, both for focusing your own awareness and in communicating with providers about your condition.
  • Step-by-step recommendations to help guide your personal (n of 1) explorations of your condition.
  • A community of Patient Pioneers™, meeting regularly to share their experience and increase their knowledge of more whole-person approaches to health.
  • An opportunity to better direct your care, advocate for your unique needs and identify providers who are like-minded.
  • The chance to enhance your quality of life and to experience not being defined by your disease.

Our Unique Approach

  • We empower your advocacy – patients who have become their own advocates are well-positioned to teach their peers how to better navigate their care.
  • We’re disease-agnostic – people who don’t fit in any disease “boxes” can use our tools to guide their personal health journeys.
  • We add value that can complement your participations with disease-focused associations.
  • We are patient led and patient driven.
  • We share and receive inspiration from patient stories and fellow advocates.
  • We offer access to partners and collaborators, bringing tools that enhance Project Apollo’s offerings and add resources for patients’ empowerment.

Our founding members have experienced greater emotional support and greater confidence in directing their care.

Activities associated with PHE and Project Apollo do not constitute medical or clinical care and are not intended to replace any medical care or treatment you are currently undergoing, including any treatment(s) that have been recommended by medical professionals.  Rather, we recommend that you include your current medical providers in your Project Apollo activities, by informing them about your processes, inviting them to engage with your self-study, and continuing to seek their professional support for your health concerns.