OpenNotes: Everyone on the Same Page

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OpenNotes® is the international movement supporting and studying the effects of transparent communication. It helps patients, families, doctors, nurses, therapists and others to prepare and share meaningful notes describing a telehealth or office visit. We call these opennotes.

For Patients: Feel More in Control: OpenNotes isn’t a product. It’s a movement that makes health care more open and transparent by encouraging doctors and other professionals to share their visit notes. Reading your notes can help you manage your health care. Ask your doctor for them!

For Health Professionals – A Strong Case for Sharing: The evidence is building steadily. Sharing notes can help you improve communication with your patients, build stronger, more trusting relationships, and enhance patient safety, without adding to your workload.

Timeline – Fifty Years In the Making: Shared medical notes can improve the processes and outcomes of care. A growing number of health care advocates have argued this for decades. Now, OpenNotes is putting this thinking into practice.


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